Art and the creative process is as natural for me as breathing. It is sometimes difficult to convey my emotions about a subject, so I turn to the brush and without words put it on canvas.

I feel it in my heart. I see it in my mind's eye, but how do I get it out of that place and onto the canvas? I have the technical skills, but how do you paint an emotion? How do you make people see what you see and feel? It is this constant challenge that keeps me at my easel.

​The frustration of being an artist, of course, relates to the fact that you are your own worst critic. Some of the frustration of being an artist is not in the perfection of one work of art, but the frustration of no time to work. ​

All too often, while working on a painting, my mind is composing a new one. I am torn between stopping work on the one, and beginning the new. And this has continued through my life - the frustration of not having enough time to finish all that I conceive.

​I create original works of art and from time to time I will make a copy study to force myself further to discover new techniques or colour mixes and get out of my comfort zone.

Artists have made copies since the Romans, who copied Greek statues. Repetition was considered the best way of learning throughout the medieval period and I truly believe this to be true. However I caution my students to never sign their name to someone else's art.

A picture of the artist sitting in her studio with an easel behind her.
A picture of the artist sitting in her studio with an easel behind her.

Returning to private art school after having 3 children is where I began to study the techniques of the old masters under the tutelage of Hélène Béland and Daniel Brient at Mission Renaissance in Montreal. I also studied and received a diploma from International Career Schools in Fine Art and shortly thereafter opened a small art studio where I began teaching painting and drawing. This allowed me to make my own schedule so I could be home for the kids. I have attended many workshops focusing on what was important to me to help me improve.

I admire the works of Adolphe William Bouguereau and in copying his paintings many years ago, I experienced perspective, and the beauty and gracefulness of his figures. They are today, still a source of inspiration and they strengthen my work expanding my visual vocabulary. I have also learned how to glaze with Liquin by painting vintage still life.

Today, artists are faced with Ai but the true creative minds of visual artists will always be in demand and perhaps more so. Ai can be used to enhance our ideas, but a true visual artist will put their heart and soul into their art using nothing artificial.

I have been fostering dogs for the past 20+ years and focusing just on poodles the last 10+. I am a volunteer for Standard Poodles in Need and every year I donate a custom painting of your choice.

This is my present poodle Dillon 2021 -

A black and white toy parti poodle names Dillon wearing a jean jacket
A black and white toy parti poodle names Dillon wearing a jean jacket

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